NEUROLOGY - Head Injury, Concussion Clinics and Rehabilitation

Last updated 29 July 2019 ABI Rehabilitation New Zealand – Services Based in North Island SCAT3 – Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3rd edition Brain Injury Association of New Zealand Coaching Toolbox – Under Category ‘RugbySmart Injury Management’ Concussion Advice Sheet for Rugby Player. Detailed Concussion Documents can be Found at Focus on Potential – Servicing the Central North Island Im-Able – The Able-X System Helps Restore Arm Movement and Coordination Lost Through Brain Injury Such as a Stroke INSIGHT Community Division of Laura Fergusson Trust - South Island (North/South Canterbury, Christchurch, Timaru) Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation focuses on providing expert rehabilitation services through a comprehensive team of specialists managed by a professional executive team across the greater Auckland, Waikato and Whanganui regions New Zealand Rehabilitation Association Southern Rehabilitation Institute – Services Based in Christchurch