Last updated 25 October 2019  
www.bpac.org.nz/safety Patient Safety Incident Reporting
www.ebizdocz.com Quality Management Systems
www.healthypractice.co.nz/general+practice Medical Assurance Society – Better Business for General Practice
www.hqsc.govt.nz Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand
www.jointcommissioninternational.org Joint Commission International (JCI) – is the International Arm of the Joint Commission - Provides Accreditation and Certification Services for Health Care Organisations
www.onlineservices.fire.org.nz New Zealand Fire Service Online Services - Details on How to Apply for a Fire Evacuation Scheme
www.open.hqsc.govt.nz Open for Better Care – National Patient Safety Campaign
www.patientsfirst.org.nz Patients First – Quality and Information for Primary Care in New Zealand
www.police.govt.nz Police Vetting Service, Agencies or Individuals Need to Meet the Required Criteria and Obtain Approval from the New Zealand Police. Under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 (the VCA), Specified Organisations are Required to Undertake Safety Checks of Children’s Workers they Employ or Engage.
www.privacy.org.nz Privacy Commissioner – RNZCGP Aiming for Excellence Reference
www.realme.govt.nz RealMe Electronic Identity Verification
www.standards.co.nz Standards New Zealand – RNZCGP Aiming for Excellence Reference