Last updated 15 April 2019  
www.captel.co.nz Captel NZ – Captioned Telephone Service Offers the Ability for Individuals with Hearing Impairment to Communicate on the Telephone Independently
www.deaf.org.nz Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand - Resources to Improve Communication Between Health Providers and Deaf or Hearing Impaired Clients
www.hearing.org.nz Hearing Association New Zealand – Working for the Hearing Impaired
www.hearinghouse.co.nz The Hearing House – Enabling Deaf Children to Speak
www.hearingtherapists.org.nz Hearing Therapists Association of New Zealand
www.isign.co.nz iSign – National New Zealand Sign Language Interpreter Service
www.nzrelay.co.nz New Zealand Relay – Allowing the Hearing Impaired and Speech Impaired to Keep in Contact by Phone
www.nzsl.tki.org.nz New Zealand Sign Language
nzsl.vuw.ac.nz The Online Dictionary of
 New Zealand Sign Language
www.shhhaust.org Self Help for Hard of Hearing People