ADDICTIONS - Alcohol and Drug

Last updated 18 July 2019 Alcoholics Anonymous Alcohol Healthwatch Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC) Alcohol Drug Helpline Alcohol Learning Centre - E Learning Module for Health Professionals Altered High - Youth Alcohol and Drug Service in Auckland The Amplify Programme - School Based Drug and Alcohol Support Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Support Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Support Community Alcohol and Drug Services - Auckland Drug and Alcohol Addiction New Zealand Drink Aware – Keeping a Drinking Diary. Phone Apps Can Monitor Alcohol Consumption NZ Drug Foundation Drughelp - For People who are Concerned About How Drugs are Affecting Their Lives Fetal Alcohol Network NZ Hello Sunday Morning International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous Living Sober Matua Raki is the National Addiction Workforce Development Centre within Te Pou Matua Raki Leads the Development of New Zealand's Addiction Workforces Through Developing a Broad Range of Evidence-Based Workforce Development Solutions that Contribute to Welcoming, Hopeful and Effective Services Methhelp is for Any New Zealander Concerned About Their Own or Someone Else's Use of Meth No Safe Limit, Teenage Alcohol The New Zealand Drug Detection Agency Limited (NZDDA) is a Company that Specialises in Drug Detection, Education and Prevention Programmes in the Workplace. Useful Services Include: Pre-Employment Screening, Property Screening for Methamphetamine Contamination New Zealand Drug Foundation Narcotics Anonymous – Aotearoa New Zealand Regional Website New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme Substances and Choices Scale (SACS) is a Youth AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) Screening and Outcome Measurement Instrument Developed and Tested in New Zealand Salvation Army New Zealand - Services Include Detox Assistance, Counselling Support, Some in-house Accommodation, and Courses Aimed to Help Individuals Overcome the long-term Effects of Addiction Sober Check is a Supplier of Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing Equipment; including NZTA Approved Provider of Smart Start Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices for Repeat Drink Drivers.